Original Green Aventurine Raw Stone (1 Piece) Certifed & Mantrit (Energized)

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  • It is very helpful in balancing both the masculine and feminine energies of our body.
  • It makes us strong enough to bear the loss of someone who is very near to our heart and soul.
  • It also clears the auric bodies which are having irregular and unnatural rhythm. It is very powerful in self-acceptance and helps us to understand the value of self.
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Product Origin: India

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Green Aventurine Raw Stone (1 piece)

Green Aventurine Raw Stone Opportunities, Self Confidence, Positive Enhancement, Maintain Energy Balance, Optimisation, Good Luck, Success, Improving Life, Prosperity, Wealth, Soothes Anxiety & Stress, Maintain Adrenal Glands, Connection To Angelic Realm, Growth, Heart Chakra, All Rounder Healer, Winning Attitude, Promotion, Career, Jobs, Self Acceptance, Understanding Inner One, Adventure Of Life, Business Expansion, Intelligence, Creativity, Perception Of Thoughts

  • Green Aventurine Raw Stone Better job business opportunity & luck is the first priority to use this stone.
  • It is declared as the most powerful crystal to attract business and job opportunities to enhance the prosperity of being.
  • It always encourages the person to take strong decision with will power and determination in business and jobs because it always reminds us that luck or good luck is within us and not present in another or outer world.
  • Green Aventurine Raw Stone A manifestation of wealth and money is the second priority to use this stone.
  • This will not only bring wealth but it will also help to hold it for years.
  • It will protect your richness and will help you to be consistent in the acquisition of wealth and money.
  • Even many believe that green is the color of money and this stone if carried to a casino or at any gambling station you will not going to lose any money in gambling.
  • It will also increase your thoughts regarding money and wealth.

Green Aventurine Raw Stone Along with ‘Stone of Opportunity’ it is also known as ‘Stone of Prosperity’. It enhances the chances of being prosperous and abundance from every corner by increasing money, providing opportunities, releasing negative energies & provide protection to what we have in the present time. It will also bring good fortune. It attracts tremendous success in your life.

Green Aventurine Raw Stone  is a heart chakra clearer. It helps you to clear out those blockages that may have been holding you back. It stops you getting stuck in the same old trust issues, and it encourages you to find strength and space and courage when it comes to what you let in and what you let go off.Above everything, Aventurine is your go-to good luck crystal. It is a powerfully positive stone that just seems to attract abundance in many waves. Whether it’s being a go-getter when it comes to your career, finding success in friendship and the bloom of beautiful love, tapping into a lost creative spirit, or simply finding abundance within your own soul, the soothing energy of Green Aventurine Raw Stone is a dream. Take a look at all the ways Aventurine brings its golden glimmer to your worldAventurine is a stone that glows with a thousand healing benefits and while it is an exceptional tool for lifting the mind and the soul, it also sends it’s magic to the body. First and foremost, it’s a stone that works to bring a jangly nervous system back into balance. For those who feel the fire of frayed nerves and burnout, Aventurine will help lower your blood pressure, regulate the thymus gland, and lend a hand when it comes to gifting a new lease of life energy. As a heart connector, Aventurine also helps in all things linked to circulation and boosted well-being. It is an amazing stone to have close to hand for those recovering from a long illness. Thanks to its fine-tuned lucky streak, people can also turn to Green Aventurine Raw Stone when it comes to solving fertility issues and finding that path to parenthood.Green Aventurine Raw Stone shines when it comes to mental and emotional healing. As mentioned, it is a stone of amazing opportunity, even in a way that surpasses the chance of chasing luck. Aventurine brings abundance by tilting your mind into occupying a more positive space. It’s a stone that brings about decisive action, strong leadership qualities, and encourages you to keep on going no matter what obstacles seem to stand in the way. Even while it nurtures action and leadership, that doesn’t come at the compromise of leaving your compassion behind – quite the opposite. Aventurine grants you space to heal old wounds and let go of being too analytical of yourself and your choices. With this new space you have etched out in yourself, there comes so much room for love and empathy to grow, helping to further enhance your relationships and to stabilize the emotional body.

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