Natural Katcha Bela Attar (Fragrance) 10 ML & Abhimantrit

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  • Its beautiful aroma Attar ( Fragrance) helps with anxiety by relieving depression.
  • Fresh and sharp fragrance of Jasmine Sambac make you feel more hopeful and confident.
  • The best thing about jasmin bela attar is that it is unisex and attracts both men and women, and thus can be applied by both genders
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Product Origin: India

Katcha Bela Attar (Fragrance) 10 ML @40

Katcha Bela Attar (Fragrance) is a wonderfully seductive scent and is known as “The King of Flowers.” The aroma is deep, fruity, and complex, with rich tones of sweet Jasmine Sambac and Sandalwood. This sensual attar is relaxing and balancing. The seductive scent of India’s sacred flower has long been used for its nourishing fragrance, but has many healing properties as well. Jasmine is grown all over the world for its fragrance, and the flowers are traditionally offered to Lord Vishnu in Hindu religious ceremonies. Jasmine is very traditional and symbolic of purity, nobility, and confidence. The same flower is used for preparation of Jasmine Attar. People of western world sometime confused with the smell which is little lighter than Jasmine Sambac of South India. The Attar of Jasmine is one of the top selling attar of the world after Attar of Roses and the major ingredient of the Jasmine Attar is Bela flower and so many Jasmine Attar users still don’t know that there is some place where the real production of Ruh Bela is going on.

The uses and Benefits of Jasmine are aplenty. With its recognisable sweet fragrance and generous white blooms, jasmine is revered as one of the world’s most precious floral extracts. For centuries, this fast-growing vine has been used to blend fine perfumes and home fragrances. While many cultures also use it to make remedies which are believed to treat a range of symptoms. From abdominal pain to dysentery.

Any keen gardener will attest to just how rewarding jasmine is to grow. The plant grows an average of 12-24 inches per year, climbing to a height of 10-15 feet. But, of course, it’s jasmine’s white blooms which make it such a staple in the garden. It’s beautiful petals producing a sweet scent that’s capable of permeating even the largest outdoor spaces.


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