Mantrit (Energized) One Million Attar (Fragrance) Long-Lasting Attar – 12 ML+12 ML

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  • When the bottle of Attar ( Fragrance)  packed Attar is opened, the sweet oil scent freshens up the entire respiratory tract of the wearer and those around you.
  • Aromatherapy is known to heal problems through aroma.
  • These relaxation benefits are due to ingredients like flowers, spices, wood, ETC
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Product Origin : India

One Million Attar (Fragrance) 12 ML +12 ML

One Million Attar (Fragrance) . The Fragrance of insolence. A seductive, irresistible trail. There’s no such thing as too much gold for 1 Million. A bad boy who lives large. Otherwise, what’s the point? Listens to no-one. Except his own fantasies. The Golden Rule. And gets what he wants with a snap of his fingers. His mascot: a gold ingot. His perfume: a flamboyant aroma. A scent that knocks you head over heels. And literally captivates.

Now you will ask- hey what about ‘taste’. So here it is. The patron feels great, smells great, is confident and social, develops a charisma and a fan following and these gives the person a taste of success. Many essential oils are known to help people with frequent headaches. For example, peppermint oil is the best remedy for relieving headaches. It is most commonly used to treat headaches and migraine attacks. The secret is menthol, which has the ability to relax muscles and ease the pain. Other effective oils are – lavender, chamomile, rosemary, eucalyptus, etc.

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