Mantrit (Energized) Ganesh Rudraksha Bead, Affordable & Certified 3.47 Gram 

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  • According to the astrology this Rudraksha remove the bad effects of  Ketu planet.
  • This Rudraksha holds blessing of seven mothers of seven worlds along with Lord Shiva & Maata Parvati.
  • It is especially useful for success in professional life.It is also beneficial for students as it represents Lord Ganesha for wisdom.
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Product Origin: Nepal

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Natural Ganesh Gauri Shankar Rudraksha 3.47 Gram 

Two naturally joined Rudraksha is called Ganesh Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and is regarded as the form of Shiva and Parvati, and if the same Rudraksha has an elongated trunk in the centre of the Rudraksha (where they are joined) then this Rudraksha is called as Gauri Shankar Ganesha Rudraksha which is extremely powerful and immensely protective Rudraksha.

  • If a devotee worships Gauri Shankar Ganesha at his Altar, the pain and suffering and otherworldly obstacles are removed and the peace and pleasure prevail at the house or the at the workplace of the devotee.
  • In Puranas, the Gauri Shankar is regarded the best for relationships between husband and wife, parent and children, amongst relatives and friends and extremely happy marriage and family life and the Ganesha Rudraksha the elephant-headed.
  • God blesses the devotee with ultimate success and helps him in overcoming all obstacles from the life of the devotee.
  • This Rudraksh Katha mala contains Rudrakshas from 1 to 14 mukhi, Ganesh Rudraksh and Gauri-Shankar Rudraksh (1 bead each).
  • It is a very powerful healing mala. The synergistic combination of all mukhis in a mala provides wearer with abundance in wealth, renewed energy, good health, spirituality and fulfillment of desires.

According to Shastras this should be worn for Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha. Rudrakshas have tremendous energy & power. Rudrakshas are best known for their biomedical properties & in controlling stress, hypertension, blood pressure and obesity. It cures memory losses well as healing emotional wounds.

It brings Good Luck, Academic Excellence and have a tranquil effect on mind. This Rudraksha has rudrakash representing all planets and all Devi and Devatas. With the divine blessings of all the devi-devatas this mala has such a supreme power that it purifies its wearer from all sins in present and past life and can even frees its wearer from the sin of a cow slaughter. Wearer gets many benefits which we get from yanjnas.

The Ganesh Rudraksha Bead is really special due to the way it grows the thorny protrusions on the outer surface of the Bead.

Mantra for the Ganesh Rudraksha bead can be any of the beautiful Lord Ganesha Rudraksha Mantras found in the book Healing Mantras by Thomas Ashley–Farrand like ”  Om gann Ganpatayay Namoh Namah”, “Om Ganeshaya Namah”.

The Ganesh Rudraksha can be kept at the place of worship and should be daily worshiped to gain the blessings of “Riddhi-Siddhi Dayak” Sri Lord Ganesha.

A man who wears a garland including the beads of Rudraksha from one to fourteen faces and the rest five faced Rudraksha which count hundred eight beads in all, is God incarnate himself. According to Puranas if a man wears Rudraksha in definite number at special points on the body, he becomes like Lord Shiva himself.

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