Original Intimate Attar (Fragrance) Mantrit (Energized) Attar- 10 ML

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  • Aroma Therapy Attar ( Fragrance) made of essential oils has a fragrance that can captivate you and capture the attention of people around you.
  • Enhancing Mood. Different perfumes and scents have different impacts on a person’s mood.
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product origin: India

Intimate Attar (Fragrance) 10ML @70

A  Intimate Attar (Perfume) Perfume type fragrance for women. A distinctly sexy floral – Animalistic chypre fragrance. It opens with crystalline notes of aldehydes, bergamot, rose, coriander and Gardenia, leading to the sensual heart of jasmine, iris root, sandalwood, cedar and patchouli and the wild base of castoreum, civet, musk, amber and oak moss.

A Intimate Attar (Fragrance)Attar is made by distilling flower petals in water under steam and pressure. A lot of Attar are made from exotic flowers, wood, resins, and even spices. Many Ittars are used as a Fragrance but these are also used for medicinal and aphrodisiac purposes. For winters, people prefer warm Ittars, like those made from saffron, musk, and amber as they are believed to increase body temperature. Similarly, cold Ittar such as rose, jasmine, kewda, or khus can give refreshing and coolness during summers. 

Since aromas from  Intimate Attar (Fragrance) Attar create so much effect on the brains and overall mood, it has a major effect on the way you carry around your confidence. Just choose the scent that you like and connects to your deeper emotional self. Putting on the scent you love and are comfortable with, is enough to generate a sense of self-confidence.

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