Natural Ruby Raw Stone (1 Piece) 900 Gram & Certifed – Mantrit (Energized)

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  • These gemstones are very attractive and are an ancient and traditional way to use the stone.
  • The stone will be helpful just as long as it remains within your auric field.
  • Its energy may assist you with clear visualization, through its stimulation of the pineal gland.
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  Product Origin : Brazil

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Ruby Stone Raw 1 piece 900 Gram

  • The Ruby stone is an excellent aid to assist you with recharging your energy levels.
  • It is very effective for encouraging vitality, sensuality and aiding intimate relationships.
  • It is well known as a deep pinkish red gemstone crystal with a striking color.
  • Its color is analogous of its energy, which may stimulate your mind to be more positive and self-assured.
  • These lovely red gemstones may assist you to overcome dysfunction in the bedroom and attract new love.
  • This is a very much a heart centered stone, and it epitomizes the Divine love of the Creator.

Like other gemstones, rubies are becoming an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry. With its bold color and striking looks, a ruby can be an eye-catching alternative to a more conventional diamond as a ring’s center stone.

Ruby is known as “Ratnaraj” in Sanskrit, which means the “king of all gemstones.” According to Vedic astrology, Ruby is related to the sun, the strongest luminary in our universe. Sun is a representation of power, courage, authority, and dignity. According to astrology, the sun is responsible for influencing the reputation of a person. Moreover, Ruby acts as a wealth-controlling gemstone for some specific zodiac signs

  • The energy field of a person can be influenced by wearing a ruby.
  • The thought process of a human being can be influenced by the subtle energy of the gemstone and consequently leading to actions that can build up a reputation.
  • The dazzling gemstone, ruby is considered as the epitome of love.
  • It is also believed to stir the feelings of love, warmth, and passion in the mind of its wearer.
  • The aura of a ruby can help in resolving problems in any relationship.
  • However, a gemstone should be adorned only when it is advised after analyzing horoscope.
  •  Ruby stone is recommended when one has the “pitar dosh” in his/her birth chart. If any astrologer suggests buying ruby stone online then first, you have to verify the online site is genuine or not.

The ruby gemstone improves the paternal relationships of wearers. It removes the barrier between the family members. Some people have weak relationships with their parents. They should wear the ruby stone.

A person following ruby stone astrology will get enough name and fame from the outer world. The gemstone also encourages creativity. It is a significant factor that helps to succeed in life. It helps if you reaped the benefits of ruby stone.

Effect on health

Diseases related to bone, blood pressure, heart problems, weak eyesight, rheumatic pains, etc. can be regulated by adorning a ruby as it is believed that all these occur due to the weak sun in a birth chart. If you have Vitamin D deficiency, a ruby embedded with copper can come to your aid. It is also believed to reduce the psychological and physiological effects of menopause as well as regulate the proper menstrual cycle. The aura of a ruby helps in developing a stronger immune system. A gemstone may not cure a disease completely, but ruby can be a regulator in such cases as the property of healing is one of  ruby gemstone

How does Ruby work?

Just like every other gemstone, there are many ruby stone benefits, and Ruby absorbs the radiation of the sun stimulating the chakras of the human body. Moreover, the vibrating energy of ruby is absorbed in an individual’s aura when it is worn as a ring or pendant. It is believed that a ruby can protect one from any obstacle coming in the way of success. It actually protects from any external negative energy. Ruby enhances the confidence and power in the wearer. There are several instances where ruby has been recommended for politicians, leaders, contractors, celebrities, and other government officials holding higher posts.

Although buying a ruby isn’t quite as complicated as buying a diamond, there are still several factors that you’ll want to pay attention to. We’ve covered these below, with a range of elegant ruby engagement rings and other jewelry to serve as inspiration.

Rubies are red gemstones that consist in the corundum family. Most rubies have a strong red color, although the precise color of rubies can range from blood-red to orangy-red, purple-red, brown-red or even a pink-red tone.

Rubies are made from corundum, a crystalline form of aluminum oxide. The ruby’s red color comes from trace amounts of the element chromium, which replace aluminum in the mineral and change its color.

As with other gemstones, rubies are mined around the world for use in jewelry. Rubies can be found in the following countries:

Rubies have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs’ scale, making them hard gemstones. In fact, they only fall behind the diamond, which scores a perfect 10. 

This bodes well for wearing ruby jewelry every day — thanks to its hardness, you can wear a ruby ring, pendant or a pair of ruby earrings with no need to worry about damaging the stone.

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