Natural Chandan powder Original, Genuine-100 gram

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  • Sandalwood powder and oil are greatly valued for its incredible healing health benefits.
  • The wood is esteemed for its imperative Ayurvedic properties and has a multitude of uses.
  • The essential oil has been used since centuries for its spectrum of therapeutic and medicinal values.
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Product Origin: India

Chandan Powder

Sandalwood is a natural antiseptic and preservative that is used in the production of soaps, beauty creams and other toiletries. Sandalwood, popularly known as Chandan in India, has also often been mentioned in the Ayurveda as a natural healer. Ask your grandmother and she will suggest Chandan as one of the best solutions for any skin problem.

For a very long time, sandalwood has had a place of dignity and respect reserved for it in many of the religions and societies across the world, especially in Hinduism. In Hinduism, it is considered holy and indispensable to most social and religious rituals. It is also applied on the forehead as a sacred mark by the members of some communitie in india.The oil and paste of Sandalwood are used in medicines or for skin and beauty treatments, as well as in many other industrial productions, including in mouth fresheners,

Sandalwood is an aromatic evergreen tree of the genus Santalum with a hefty, yellow and fine-grained wood which was an integral part of perfumes, fragrances, colognes for times immemorial. Sandalwood oil and powder are used extensively for its impressive beauty and health incentives. It is second costliest wood in the world after African Blackwood and its unique scent is highly prized in ancient medicines for its innumerable therapeutic properties.

Uses Of Sandalwood

  • The precious sandalwood oil is collected from the heartwood (centre) of the tree.
  • It possesses a unique, gentle, warm, velvety and milky prized wood-scent which renders a long-lasting base to several perfumes.
  • The value of the wood peaks as it grows older for more than 50 -60 years.
  • The wonder wood is ground into a powder and steam-distilled into oil for making soaps, cosmetics, candles, incense, medicine and perfumes.
  • Sandalwood oil is extensively used in beauty products to enhance skin health.
  • The isomers sanatol of sandalwood oil is used in aromatherapy products.
  • The rigid outer wood is cast-off to make beads and engraved to make idols.
  • Sandalwood oil is valued by several religious societies including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.
  • The oil is a key component in the making of attar since ancient times.

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