Natural Blowing Shankh (Sound Shankh) Original Genuine Product 13.5 cms

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  • The special geometry of Natural Shankh Conch creates a positive energy and excludes pious vibes.
  • Natural Shankh also purifies our surroundings and soul.
  • Natural Shankh is scientifically proven useful product to regulate our blood circulation.
  • Natural Shankh brings harmony and happiness.
  • Natural Shankh  is also helpful for reducing problems related to kidney and lever
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Product Origin : India

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Natural Blowing Big  Shankh

This is beautiful multicolored, blowable Abhimantrit  Shankh  Vamavarti. It is in green  color brown with patches in white, yellow and Green shades. It is blowable shankh/conch shell. The shankhas/conch shells that open towards left hand are  Shankh. These are the most commonly available shankhas and used for all religious purposes. The special geometry of this kind of natural shankha creates a positive energy field. The blowing of  Natural shankh is believed to remove the ill effects of negative energies and it purifies our surroundings and soul.

Natural Shankh means face of cow conch.

  • This Shankh resembles face of Cow.
  • Cow is considered very sacred in Hinduism and so is Natural shankh.
  • Keeping in temple/Puja place gives all the benefits (punya) of keeping a cow.
  • It helps in bringing peace, harmony and happiness must to have Shankh for every Altar.

Devoik Dakshinavarti Shanks are natural, original, and sacred conch shells. Dakshinvarti shanks also known as Laxmi Shanks are shankh that open towards the right hand are non-blow-able and are believed to bring wealth and prosperity. These Shanks are used in various religious proceedings and considered an important puja samagri. It is often used to offer milk / jal / panchamrit to god. Devoik original sankhs are found in deep seas and are very rare.

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