Lab-Certified Natural Agate Eagle Statue (Murti) & Mantrit (Energized) 310 Gram

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  • Benefits of  Agate Eagle statue ( murti) is a protection stone that can guard you against anything bad.
  • It will protect you against negative psychic attacks, as well as attacks of the physical and emotional kind. Just like a strong eagle, Eagle Eye has powerful energy inside.
  • It will help awaken your strong will, will give a supportive push forward.


  • Product Origin : India

  • Natural Agate Eagle Statue (Murti) Reiki Healing Gift Home Decor

  • Natural Agate Eagle Statue (Murti) 310 gram @32

  • Natural Agate Eagle Statue (Murti) 
  • It is a geode agate carving artwork.Carved from a whole stone with excellent detailed carving and fine polishing
  • Often used to enhance meditation, inspiration, our fine art is comfortable to hold and may help to you to cultivate peace, relaxation, and quiet.
  • Ideal for a lucky home decor collection gift. Great gift for you and your friends.
  • The stone eagle statues come in an array of different agate natural colors.
    Each figurine has been shaped, smoothed and polished from natural agate stone
  • The name of the  Agate Eagle statue  comes from the cool cat’s eye that looks like the “eagle’s eye” as its name suggests. “Tiger Eye” is also characterized by the appearance of cat’s eye and is classified into these same types of minerals. Therefore, it is sometimes called “Gray Tiger Eye” by another name, but “Tiger Eye” is another mineral. In addition, “Eagle Eye” is produced by quartz (quartz) infused into a mineral (amphibolite) called “crocidolite”. It is a large group of crystals as a mineral, and it is known as quartz crystals that have the effect of cat’s eye (quartz cat’s eye). There are also other similar stones named “Blue Tiger Eye”, which is called “Blue Tiger Eye”, but this is Japanese name “Takameishi” and the same “Tiger Eye” group Belongs to

First of all, “Tiger Eye” is famous as a power stone that emits a stripe of light with a unique glow. The main production areas are mined from “Africa” ​​and “Myanmar”.
It is characterized by a mysterious brilliance called “Shat Yanshie (beam-like)” that is produced by the brown and black color of the shiny base color as if it were a tiger’s eye. However, this effect is not seen in the raw stone, and it is believed that the cat’s eye effect appears due to the needle-like inclusions arranged in parallel in the crystal when it is polished and finished in a round ball or dome shape.

  • The heights and heights of abilities possessed by whales and whales are treated as “kings of birds” throughout the world as symbols of heroes. It is said that it has very powerful energy as a power stone of “Eagle Eye” that symbolizes the eyebrows. The effect is considered to be particularly excellent for the action of avoiding happiness and managing happiness and reflection. In addition, from the fact that you can find far away prey with a sharp eye and bear an eagle, it symbolizes the mind that sees everything, and that person’s intuition, insight, judgment, and concentration. They will enhance and guide their actions and goals to success. At the same time, you will be blessed with luck and opportunities, and you will have strong luck.It has been treated as the “king of birds” all over the world as a symbol of heroes, with the heights and heights of abilities possessed by whales and whales. In ancient Egypt, it is used in the eyes of the statues of gods as a holy stone that brings forth good luck. It is also famous as a stone that can be expected to have an effect on luck and fortune from these history. It is very popular especially for those who want to improve their work luck.

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