Laddu Gopal Shaligram, Rare 85 Gram & 100% Genuine (Laddo Gopal)

6,500.00 inc.GST

  • For immense fame, name and respect in society
  • For high position and status
  • To increases analytical qualities & administrative skills


Product Origin : Nepal

Laddu Gopal Shaligram, Rare 85 Gram & 100% Genuine

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Discover the divine allure of the Laddu Gopal Shaligram, a sacred and cherished representation of Lord Krishna in His enchanting childhood form. This exquisite Shaligram, also known as Bal Gopal Shaligram, is a symbol of love, purity, and eternal bliss, capturing the hearts of devotees with its divine presence and mystical energy.

The Laddu Gopal Shaligram is meticulously carved from a unique sacred stone found in the Gandaki River of Nepal. Its distinct shape and markings resemble the iconic form of Lord Krishna, portraying Him as a charming, playful child holding a laddu (a traditional Indian sweet) in His hands. Every detail, lovingly etched by skilled artisans, showcases the joyous and mischievous nature of Lord Krishna, inviting devotees into His divine realm.

When you bring the Laddu Gopal Shaligram into your home or place of worship, you invite the grace and blessings of Lord Krishna. Devotees believe that this sacred Shaligram embodies the essence of Lord Krishna’s divine qualities, including his boundless love, compassion, and wisdom. It is believed that worshiping and caring for the Laddu Gopal Shaligram can bring immense joy, peace, and spiritual upliftment.

The Laddu Gopal Shaligram is not just an exquisite piece of art but also a powerful spiritual tool. Devotees offer their heartfelt devotion, prayers, and offerings to this divine form, seeking the fulfillment of their desires, protection, and spiritual growth. Many believe that establishing a personal connection with Laddu Gopal brings forth a deep sense of inner peace, spiritual awakening, and a loving bond with Lord Krishna.

In addition to its spiritual significance, the Laddu Gopal Shaligram also serves as a beautiful centerpiece for home altars, temples, or sacred spaces. Its presence infuses the atmosphere with a serene and harmonious energy, creating a sacred ambiance that uplifts the mind and soul.

We are honored to present the Laddu Gopal Shaligram, a divine embodiment of Lord Krishna’s love and grace. Embrace this sacred treasure and embark on a profound spiritual journey, experiencing the divine bliss and enchantment that the Laddu Gopal Shaligram bestows upon all those who seek its blessings.

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