Wooden Ganesh ji Murti (Idol) Lab- Certified & Mantrit (Energized) 25 Gram

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  • Placing an idol of Lord Ganesha made out of silver in your house and worshipping it regularly, helps bring fame to you.
  • A Lord Ganesha statue made out of wood if placed in your house and worshipped regularly would help in bringing good health, long life, and success to the worshippers


Product Origin : India

Wooden Ganesh ji Murti (Idol) 25 gram @25


Ganesh statue is beautifully crafted .It is made of very high quality Kumbil (white teak) wood and would remain as it is for hundreds years. Lord Ganesha is the Hindu remover of obstacles, and his seated image is said to bring good luck – especially to the home environment! This statue of Lord Ganesha makes a great housewarming,wedding or prosperity gift. For worship at your home temple,Prosperity, happiness and good health are the three main come

To enhance your  luck,Lord Ganesha is considered as the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.

  • He is the brother of Lord Karthikeya.
  • He is known by many different names such as Vinayaka, Pillayar, Lambodara, etc.
  • Worshipping Lord Ganesha regularly wards off negative energy from one’s home and life.
  • While worshipping him before starting something new keeps obstacles out of one’s path.
  • If pleased, Lord Ganesha brings success, prosperity and good luck into one’s life.st room’s beauty.
  • Increase value of you antique collection, show piece, as well as a gift for your loved ones.
  • Handmade Beautiful Hindu Rare God Ganesha Statue Sculpture made of wood with hand painted.
  • Hindu God Ganesha is known for bring happiness.
  • Good luck & success.Hindu God Ganesha Statue is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles.
  • Lord Ganesha Statue is known to Bring prosperity and happiness in your home & Office.

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