Certified Green Quartz 1 Pieces Original Raw Stone

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  • A Natural  Green Quartz (Sphatik) is a source of attracting the highest cosmic energy.
  • Pink stone brings the energy of determination commitment and caring.
  • It also helps to shed off the feeling of resentment and brings a feeling of calmness.
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Product Origin : Brazil

Green Quartz (Sphatik) 1 pieces

Green Quartz (Sphatik) 1 Pieces is a wonderful option to collect and focus energy.

Green Quartz Sphatik brings love on different levels, including romantic love, family love, friendship love and more. Green quartz is also referred as the love stone. A Green Quartz (Sphatik) is also used to enhance the inherent properties of Green Quartz (Sphatik) stone.

Green  Quartz (Sphatik) are known for their powerful healing property of preservation. The Green Quartz (Sphatik)   Items placed inside a metrically accurate pyramid will last longer than usual.

Placing foods and water in a Green Quartz (Sphatik) is becoming a popular habit. You can place crystal Green Quartz (Sphatik) in your water or refrigerator for similar results.The pyramid helps us cope with the changes in the body that are taking place at this very moment. They help us increase our vibration and frequency so that we can keep up with the natural universal progression.

Green Quartz (Sphatik) is definitely an intense and invigorating feeling. It is creating a vortex of energy in your hand, which spreads down your physical body and around your aura. Basically, it funnels down the wisdom and healing of the Universe right into the tips of your fingers.

Some people report a tingling sensation in the hands or all over the body. Other people can achieve a blurred state of mind that helps them into a light trance. In this trance, they are able to escape their ego and thoughts. Highly empathetic people may have clairvoyant and psychic visions triggered. Yet another person may feel nothing at all until several more experiences.

Green  Quartz (Sphatik)stone is also known as Hyaline Quartz or Green Quartz. The lovely Green Quartz with its gentle Green colour is a stone of the heart, Crystal Quartz of Unconditional love. Green  Quartz Crystal  carries a soft and soothing feminine energy of healing, sensitivity, compassion and peace, relaxation, nourishment and comfort.

This Green Quartz (Sphatik) can be used to abolish the negative energy and blockage from the Heart Chakra. It dissolves emotional wounds, fears and angers, and releases a Divine loving energy throughout the complete aura. It provides a deep sense of personal fulfilment and satisfaction, allowing one to give and receive love from others.

Green Quartz (Sphatik)Benefits:

  • Strong healer of the heart
  • Fulfilment of essential needs
  • Excellent meditation stone
  • Balances the Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra
  • Encourages self-love, ability to love, romance
  • Encourages self-love
  • Strong romance energies
  • Imparts sympathy and sensitivity
  • Effective aid to restful sleep
  • Clean the surrounding of negative energies
  • Use it as a meditation tool and aura cleansing
  • Decreases negativity
  • Increases focus and clarity
  • Opens and balances all chakrasIt is only our thought process that makes us calm or agitated. To deal with all these problems, what we have to do is to change the turbulent behaviour into peaceful behaviour through Pyramid therapy which is done under a geometrical shaped structure that is formed by four equilateral triangles of the same size on a square base in such a manner that it forms an apex on that square base.It is one of the most powerful tools to heal your chakras and harmonise your mind, body and soul. The pyramid’s power is considered to have supernatural or paranormal properties

Natural  Green Quartz (Sphatik)is a great crystal for increasing creativeness and the imagination and, as such, is a useful tool for artists, writers and musicians. You can also use Green  Quartz to enhance positive self-affirmations. Rose Quartz is also known as a romance stone, it is used to attract love and to find a perfect partner.

Green  Quartz (Sphatik) is a wonderful sleep crystal pyramid for children and adults, preventing night terrors and providing beautiful dreams. Green Quartz Crystal is a calming and reassuring crystal, brilliant for use in trauma or crisis, including the emotional disturbance of mid-life crisis. It is also a powerful stone for comforting grief.


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