Lab- Certified Ruby Stone (Manik) Gemstone Natural Ruby- 8.40 Carat

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  • An epitome of undying love, the naturally deep red Ruby stone inculcates the feelings of love, warmth, and compassion in the heart of its wearer.
  • One striking advantage of the Ruby gemstone is that it clears confusions and increases focus thereby making its wearer sharp, alert, and agile.
  • Ruby improves Skin problems. Especially if Sun is helped in between Rahu and Ketu and conjoined with Ketu. Since this remedy would warrant a permanent solution, Ruby gemstone is recommended.


Product Origin : India

Ruby (Manik) Gemstone: 8.40 Carat

Ruby Gemstone – The Sun is the ruler of all the planets.Sun has an influencing position in our culture. Sun is considered as the soul of the universe and it nurtures and feeds the universe with continuous energy. Ruby gemstone, which is inspired from the sun and it inhibits all its powers from it, thus wearing ruby is considered beneficial in our tradition. Ruby gemstone is known to have maximum powers among all stones and ruby stone benefits are large in number. Astrologers suggest wearing ruby as per your zodiac sign in different metals. Here are the benefits of wearing ruby stones on your finger. ne of the best ruby stone benefits is its power to improve the health of the wearer. People who suffer from the problem of vitamin D deficiency are advised to buy gemstone for their better health and according to astrology ruby stone in a copper, a ring can help to fight the problem. People who have weak sun in their chart must go for ruby benefits to avoid health problems like blood pressure, jaundice, indigestion, diarrhea, and backbone related issues. 

Be a leader with a ruby stone:

  • He represents the fire and creates the day. Ruby is gemstone which represents the sun.
  • Ruby has reddish purple color and its nature is bile-dominated and it is the lord of the East direction.
  • Ruby is a gemstone of the corundum family.
  • If it is crystal clear and transparent then it is attractive because of its brilliance.
  • The finest quality ruby has a delicate rose colorSun is the monarch of this universe.
  • Without the sun, no life can rule out on earth or any other planet.
  • Sun is the center of existence and it has got the immense ability to make positive or negative impacts on its wearer life as per its alignment in its horoscope.
  • Ruby Stone: is the gemstone associated with the Sun. Sun is the signifier of name, fame, success and health.
  • It blesses the wearer of this gemstone with good health, greater courage, self-confidence, success, name and fame.
  • It also helps in improving relations with superior authority.
  • It also helps in improving relations with your father.
  • You are likely to see an increase in confidence after wearing a Ruby.
  • The Sun is considered as Aatamakaraka, and so the wearer of the gemstone is likely to see a boost in self-confidence.
  • Individuals are likely to have support from the state, authority and administration after wearing a Ruby.
  • Manik Or Ruby Balances surya (sun) sun represents the king of the solar system In  jyotish.
  • It also represents authority, power, self, father, body and health.
  •  It enhances financial stability and improves recognition in the society.heart,eye blood -cerebral meningitis typhoid scorches head hemorrhage ,stroke  diseases Are Controlled  and positive Influences 
  • Fortunately, if the sun exists in positive or favorable houses will derive positive energy, sound health, creativity, vibrant, spontaneity, and passion.

Whereas, if it is positioned adversely, it will display sadness, gloom, negativity, health problems and financial problems.

  • Purpose:
    To acquire professional success and popularity & protect from ill-health
  • How to Wear:
    In a gold or silver ring on the right hand’s ring finger
  • Symbolizes:
    Professional Success, Good Health and Social Fame

Since it has already been mentioned that ruby stone embodies the positive and negative energies of the sun within it. And wearing this stone stimulates the positive forces in the horoscope of a person and let him/her obtain numerous favorable results in their lives.

Today is the world of competition where everyone wants to be a leader. It is believed that ruby wearer gets leadership qualities naturally. According to astrologers people who wear ruby get a great support from authorities in every field. So, if you want to become a leader, 

High confidence level

Sometimes people suffer the problem of lack of confidence. They have knowledge but they can t express it due to nervousness. Ruby benefits are amazing in this case also. The people who feel like they are ignored or their opinions are not considered can buy gemstone ruby to overcome such situation. After wearing ruby you will find great confidence in yourself. 

Ruby Gemstone or “Manikya” as it is commonly known in Hindi, is one of the most powerful and mystical gemstones amongst the list of nine gemstones that are associated and influenced with an astrological body or a planet. From the ancient times in Hinduism, this ruby stone is being revered as an important and influential gemstone. Since a long time, gemstones are being used and recommended as per the most suitable one with the horoscope of the individual, to get the desired blessings and results from a planet.

The Appearance of Ruby Gemstone:

The glistening and sparkling stone of ruby is available from dark pink to red colour and for the same can instantly attract and draw the attention of any person. The presence of the element chromium gives the gemstone a natural dark pink or red colour. The Ruby are known to be having pigeon blood red along with a smooth and gliding touch and a sharp cutting shape.The gemstone of ruby is said to be representing the powers and influence of the planet sun. The sun is considered as of utmost importance in astrology and is known to be denoting the place of father or king in a horoscope which indicates courage, dignity, integrity, power and authority. Sun is also said to be the soul of the individual. According to astrology, if the placement of sun in the horoscope is positive and well placed, then the person will be royal and respected in all matters of his life. But, at the same time, if the placement of sun is ill placed and is in an enemy sign then the person is expected to be lacking professional and financial stability. It may also happen that he will hardly get any favour from the authority, especially the government.

Benefits of Ruby(Manik)Stone :

  • Wearing a gemstone of Ruby can help support the person to improve his “self-image” and he will be more heard and respected in the society. It can also help in overcoming timidity and foolishness, by giving clarity of thoughts and mind.
  • When a person wears a ruby, he/she is expected to get the favors from the administration, authority and government.
  • If a person is suffering from chronic depression, he/she may also be suggested to wear this stone as it will help them overcome any type of emotional and mental setbacks in life.
  • In earlier times, only people with high authority and power such as kings, used to wear this gemstone. But now, as per astrology if a person wants to attain high stature and financial gains, he/she is advised to wear it. Wearing it, the person can enjoy all the luxury and materialistic things in life.
  • A real and well bought ruby gemstone can be bring in realisation of higher truth and self, self-awareness and a quest to reach the higher path of the life.
  • A person struggling with not being able to set up goals and aims in life and if every planning is failed, the person can be benefitted by wearing a ruby stone, as it will bring the much-required intellect, focus, clarity and firm determination to stay on the chosen path.The purification and activation method of Ruby(Manik)Stone:
  • One of the most important steps in wearing a gemstone is to purify and activate it. The night before wearing the ruby, dip the gemstone in a mixture of milk, honey, curd, gangajal and sugar to wash away all the impurities and negativity embodied in the gemstone.
  • Then on the morning of wearing the gemstone, burn incense sticks in your temple and pray to the lord sun to bless you with his divine and abundant blessings. Before wearing the ring, make sure that you chant the Surya Mantra “Om SuryahaNamaha” for 108 times.
  • The best and the most favorable day to wear Ruby( Manik)Stone is the morning of Shukla paksha of a Sunday. The best time is between 5 am to 7 am in the morning of Shukla paksha days.
  • The Manik gemstone ring can be made and worn by embodying it in gold and copper metal, for both of them represents the powers of planet sun.

Let’s have look at the Top Seven Benefits of Ruby (Manik) gemstone.

1. The Ruby gemstone is known to encourage delight, carrier building, and increase leadership skill of wearer. It will also help a person against evil spirit, ghosts, and negative energies and so on.

2. Ruby gemstone ring will support a person to achieve name, fame, popularity and build their desired carrier. It helps to increase creativity and self-confidence in wearer’s life.

3. As per Indian astrology, the ruby gemstones depict the naval Chakra of the human body and help in removing the fear and depression. After wearing a Ruby ring one can observe the increment of self-confidence and passion in their life. Meanwhile, it also assists in curbing the disease related to the stomach of the wearer.

4. The Ruby Gemstone rings also helps greatly for those who work in the fields of medical, Politics, cloth trader, geologist, lawyer, stockbroker, and engineering.

5. If someone is facing the monetary issues or business problems must wear Ruby Gemstone ring and it will definitely invite fortune and wealth in their life.

6. Only the best quality ruby gemstone ring should be worn by the couples who are facing difficulties in their relation, then it will surely going to make changes in their life.

7. It is strongly said that ruby gemstone rings can improve communication and spread the negative thinking which provokes, love, harmony, and happiness in the wearer’s life.

Meanwhile, it is mandatory to buy an original gemstone Ruby ring from the certified shop or online gemstone ring store to get desired benefits from Ruby gemstone.

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