Certified Moti Mala (Pearl Mala) Natural & Original

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Product Origin : Burma

Moti mala (Pearl mala) Ratna mala Pearl is known as Mauktik or Chandramadi in Sanskrit and Moti in Hindi. As it is the gemstone of Moon, Buying Moti mala (pearl mala) Ratna mala can shower the blessings of moon on the wearer.

Moti Mala: – By using the 108 beads pearl rosary in chanting your mind feels relaxed. This rosary is used in Saatvik works or for completion of something a for chanting the mantra of Moon. There who are short tempered can wear this rosary as a necklace as it will make you calm. Also, those whose mind is not in the right place on those who are suffering from metal problem can wear this rosary.

Pearl is associated with the Planet moon, which signifies your mind. Wearing Moti/ Pearl Mala has proven advantageous for many because of its strong powers. One who wears Moti (Pearl) Mala enjoys good fortune and is blessed by the Maa Laxmi (the goddess of wealth). He becomes sinless, and obtains energy and intelligence. He achieves a high position by his knowledge and becomes renowned.

Genuine Pearl Mala brings richness and fortune. Moti Mala also makes one intelligent, brings fame and good luck. If the Planet Moon is placed harmfully in Horoscope chart, it obstructs the prospects of leading relaxed and comfy life. For such people, wearing Original Pearl Moti Mala is highly beneficial.

Wearing Pearl Mala helps to reduce the unpleasant effects caused by misalignment of the Moon in a person’s horoscope.An afflicted Moon can bring about sadness in mind along with conflict in relationships. To negate such effects of this planet, astrologically,Original Pearl Moti Mala is an exceptional remedy. This Gemstone of June month is also the Favourable Gemfor Zodiacs Gemini and Cancer.

Pearl Mala helps to solve several problems related to misery and distrust. It inspires love, affection and faith between the partners. It also gives strong memory and aids cure sleeplessness, uterine problems, heart ailments, constipation; hysteria, etc.Pearl stone Mala also infuse imagination and love for arts and music.

How to Energize a Pearl mala by Mantra?

Chandra Beej Mantra Om Shraum, Shrim, Shraum Sah Chandramase Namah

After wearing the Moti mala (Pearl mala) Ratna mala, the wearer should repeat Gayatri Mantra on rosemary three times and should donate rice, sugar, milk, white Fruit, white clothes etc.

Benefits of Moti mala (Pearl mala) Ratna mala

  • After wearing an original Moti mala (Pearl mala) Ratna mala the wearer gets the positive energy from the Moon that makes him mentally calm and concentrated.
  • The native gets mental strength by wearing the pearl mala.
  • Wearing Pearl mala gives rise in beauty.
  • Wearing Pearl mala will help in getting married.
  • Wearing Pearl mala ring gives family pleasures
  • Pearl mala controls many types of diseases related to brain and memory of the person.

Moti Mala Online bring about stability in mind and increases positive thinking. Pearl Mala is the quintessence of female energy. This powerful Mala is extremely useful for women to cure several diseases.It improves good harmony between husband and wife.

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