Lab- Certified Indian Sphatik Shivling – 134 Gram

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  • You are protected from evil, malefic vibes.
  • You are to be in a strong financial position.
  • You command respect in social circle.
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Product Origin : India

Indian Sphatik Shivling  134 Gram Approx @20

Indian Sphatik Shivling is the purest and most auspicious pearl on the planet. Shivling which is made of Sphatik does not require Pran pratishtha before worshipping. Spatika Lingam has divine power. In Puranas Spatikam is the divine stone which represents the Trimurthi (Lords Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma) and goddess Shakti.By touching Spatika lingam in the early morning will bring positive effects for the whole day.It never gets polluted.

  • Worshiping a sphatik shivling is considered to have same impact as worshiping the Jyotirlingas.
  • Sphatik (Crystal) Sphatik Shivling can be kept in office or in your living room.
  • You become prosperous and own luxurious items.
  • You are able to create wealth, own property.
  • Your path to spirituality is cleared.
  • The place is then surrounded by positive vibration.

It brings success, bliss and happiness to the householders where it is worshipped.Worshiping spatika lingam with water, milk or vibhuthi will eliminate all negative energies present in the once body. Worshiping with Shiva Panchakshari 108 times will destroy all curses and sins.A lot of positive energy will vibrate if worshiped vibuthi is rubbed on the forehead. This will change Fate, wealth will flourish, and all diseases will be controlled when we eat a pinch of worshipped vibhuthi. Sudden Accidents and  severe illness will be eliminated and desires will be fulfilled when spatika linga is worshiped  with Maha Mrutyumjaya mantra.

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