Buddha Amethyst stone Idol 19 Gram Certified & Mantrit (Energized)

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  • Buddhist beliefs, amethyst augments harmony and peace during meditation.
  • Healers often wear amethyst gemstone as it has the power to focus one’s energy.
  • No other gemstone but the beautiful violet amethyst can awaken the third-eye center, enhancing sensitivity and psychic abilities


  •   Product Origin : India

Gautam buddha Amethyst stone Idol 19 Gram

Gautam Buddha statue enhances the positive energy in a room that is dedicated to meditation or practising yoga. Keep the statue either at eye-level or higher so that you can gaze upon it when you are seated. A statue in white marble is perfect as it adds a soothing element to the area.

  • Gautam buddha OF GOOD LUCK AND PROSPERITY. The Gautam  Buddha is a universal good luck charm and symbol of prosperity and joy. The motif is also known as the “Buddha of Wealth”, so he’ll be great for a business partner, client, colleague or boss.
  • POWERFUL AMETHYST HEALING CRYSTALS. Amethyst crystal is widely considered as one of the most powerful healing stones. It is said to aide with enhancing intellectual abilities such as managing willpower, developing focus and enlightened thinking.
  • PERFECT SIZE. The resin and gemstone figurine measures roughly lenght 3 width 2 height 6

Natural amethyst Gautam buddha, amethyst carved stone, , buddha statues, gautam buddha

Natural amethyst Gautam buddha  amethyst carved stone, carved , buddha statues, gautam buddha

         Meditation Buddha Statue 

Prefect To decor your home or a perfect gift for your loved ones Hand Carved Buddha Statue,The image of Gautam Buddha, the harbinger of Buddhism, has inspired art and sculpture for centuries. But with time, Buddha has transcended his role as a religious icon and become symbolic with inner peace. The image of Buddha is now both secular and versatile in terms of appeal. However, few people actually know the significance of the different poses of Buddha. And where where to place them for the best results.

This pose of Buddha is by far the most popular and most symbolic as it represents the moment of Buddha’s enlightenment. Gautam Buddha had been meditating for years when the demon Mara tried to tempt and scare him. But Buddha overcame the temptation and touched the ground to summon the Earth Goddess to witness his enlightenment.

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