Yellow Kauri (Peeli Kauri)- 21 Pieces For Health, Prosperity & Mantrit (Energized)

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  • It is a sacred product found in the ocean.
  • It is considered to bring wealth and all round prosperity.
  • It is said to be the loving Thingof “Maha Lakshmi.
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Product  Origin : India

Yellow Kauri

It is a rare natural and spiritual product, a form of shell stone. It is believed that it brings luck and is used specially in spiritual and tantrik rituals. It is also used for Mantra.Yellow kauri is of great importance while worshiping Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Vishnu. By keeping 11 pieces of yellow kauri in place of wealth, the great blessing is bestowed upon them by Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber. It enhances the source of money for its owner. Kauri is a sacred product found in the ocean

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