Mantrit (Energized) Triangle Red Coral (Trikona Moonga) & Certified – 7.10 Carat

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Wearing coral protects from evil eye and there is no fear of ghosts.
• By wearing Coral confidence and positive thinking increase.
• People who are in heavy debt, they can wear this coral gemstone to help repay the loan.


Product origin: Italy

Natural Red Coral (Moonga) @2000 Carat 7.10

Red Coral/ Moonga stone

Red Coral is a precious, bright red organic gemstone formed in the deep sea by marine creatures called coral polyps (Corallium rubrum). It is a popular astrological gemstone worn to ensure success in leadership roles, sports, business, and health.

–        The first benefit of the Red Coral/ Moonga stone is victory over enemies and adversaries. Since Mars is the god of warfare it gives the necessary courage to overcome obstacles and enemies and ensures victory for the individual.

–        The Red Coral benefits in overcoming procrastination and laziness and gives the impetus and the individual to take tasks to their logical conclusion. It helps in overcoming delay.

–        Another powerful benefit of the Red Coral moonga is its impact on the mental health. Since it is a robust gemstone it helps in overcoming symptoms of listlessness and mental depression. It gives energy, vigour and hope. According to astrology wearing red coral in ring finger also imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness.

One of the best benefits of the natural red coral is its miraculous effects of healing. It helps in eruptions of the face, boils, acne, skin ailments, it purifies the blood and guards and protects against cuts, wounds, bruises and injuries.

–        Those who have an adverse position of Mars in the horoscope leading to temperamental issues, anger problems, and lack of patience find a suitable improvement in these conditions after certified natural wearing Red Coral Gemstones.The Red Coral Stone or Moonga stone, is one that has a powerful ruler which is none other than the planet Mars. This planet, also known as the planet of fire, is an extremely powerful as well as dangerous planet that can cause extensive destruction. Here and now is where the Red Coral comes into the picture. This is an extremely special gemstone which can be worn by most individuals. If in case you are wondering as to why one should adorn this gemstone, well the answer to this is that this gemstone has umpteen medicinal as well as healing characteristics and traits, hence the wearer of the Red Coral gemstone.            

  • Purpose:
    To ward off evil spirits, cure blood related problems and avert disputes
  • How to Wear:
    In a gold or copper ring on the right hand’s ring finger
  • Symbolizes:
    Victory, Ambition and Valour


Coral, being an opaque gem, is very difficult to identify. A lot of eye practice is required to differentiate between a natural and a man-made coral.

Natural coral stone, if seen under magnification, always tell the story of their origin. They have black marks which are actually holes.

A very careful examination is required to identify a natural coral. As real corals are not very clear and if clear they are very costly. Man-made corals are very commonly found in the marketplaces being sold as real corals.


It’s very important before wearing any gemstone we should know it’s methods and the importance of every stone.

Tuesday would be the most preferable day to wear Red Coral / Moonga. The best would be 1 hour after sunrise, but before 11.00 am. While Wearing red coral one must recite “Om Bhaum Bhaumaye namah Oh”


Many believe there are tangible benefits to donning this beautiful coral stone. If you’re looking to present an image of strength, to feel more vigorous, or simply more confident, here are 8 reasons red coral is the stone for you.


The red coral gemstone, symbol of the royal god of war, Mars. It’s only natural that such a gem would inherently equate confidence and courage.

Sporting a gem such as this is thought by some to literally enhance the confidence of the wearer. It is also associated with increased physical strength and sexual desire.

Astrologers will often recommend an inactive marriage partner to wear red coral as a way to increase their desire for love and their strength in the relationship.

So, if you’re looking to give off a Wonder Woman kind of air, red coral is a perfect option.


With all that increased confidence, it’s only natural that your ability to overcome obstacles or challenges will be enhanced also.

Wearing red coral is considered a method for the wearer to successfully overcome “enemies” or obstacles. So… got a major board meeting coming up and need to impress the CEO?

Wear red coral. Your presentation may just be more likely to come off successfully…


Among it’s many believed positive effects, red coral is said to have healing qualities. Some believe red coral can aid in the healing of everything from bad skin, to weak blood, to cuts or scrapes.

The red coral gemstone is said to help regulate high blood pressure and is believed to be good for the heart.

Many ancient cultures wore red coral beads in an attempt to heal their sick by improving circulation. They are even associated with the curing of sterility or bone maladies.

If that’s not enough healing for you, red coral is also considered by astrologers as a positive mental health stone. What this basically means is that astrologers may sometimes recommend those suffering from anxiety or other mental health issues to wear the red coral.

Red coral jewelry was often the jewelry of choice for ancient cultures seeking to become more in tune with intuition and positive mentalities.

After all, if it does, in fact, boost energy and confidence, wearing red coral couldn’t hurt your mental state!


Are you one that tends to procrastinate? Do you have a project or goal you just haven’t finished?

Put on that red coral! With the high energy qualities of this gem, any hesitation you may be struggling with can be overcome.

Been nervous to give your number to that cute guy at work? of red coral beads with your outfit, and feel more motivated to smartly walk yourself over to his desk.

The ancient god Mars is believed to have been more pragmatic than some of his other immortal counterparts.

It can help catalyze needed action on the part of the wearer.


Indian astrologists say the red coral represents the “Mangalya Balam.” In other words, marriage compatibility.

Red coral is believed to increase the longevity of marriages and even ward off widowhood from the wife. This belief coincides well with the idea that red coral provides new zest and verve to the wearer.

So, if your marriage or romantic relationship could use a spark of fresh life, try fitting some more red coral pieces into your wardrobe.


If you’re on the superstitious side, this believed quality of red coral may be legitimately interesting to you.

Perhaps it is the courage and power associated with the red coral gemstones, but either way, they are said to ward off black magic, bewitching, or other malicious influences Indian astrologers sometimes refer to as “evil eye” or buri Nazar.

Some even say that because red coral is made from a living organism from the ocean, the stone helps promote peace and protect the wearer from more general negative influences.

Next time you have a family get together with nerve-grinding in-laws, perhaps wearing your red coral could ward off some of the gloom.


Are you short-tempered, impatient, or easily offended? Well, if your horoscope shows that you are in an adverse position with Mars, (again, the god associated with red coral), these negative traits may worsen.

Never fear! The wearing of red coral during these times is supposed to help temper such negative feelings and behaviors.

Whether the red coral stones themselves really provide such power or their beautiful hues simply imbue the wearer with a greater sense of zen, either way, wearing these stunning stones can only do a person good.


You read that right. Many astrologists attest that those who wear red coral jewelry are more easily able to get out of debt.

Perhaps it is because red coral is also associated with business or career success, but these jewels are said to be more they can help a person in debt to a more secure and safer position. Red Coral with its energies can help in removal of looming debts in a very short period of time.

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