Natural Tiger Eye Radha Krishna Mantrit (Energized) & Certified 450 Gram

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  • Benefits of Tiger Eye Radha Krishna idol
  • In the Hindu religion, Krishna is known as the god of love, wealth, and prosperity.
  • By bringing a statue of Krishna into your home you’re inviting all the good omens he brings
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Product Origin : Brazil

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Natural Tiger Eye Radha Krishna 450 Gram @20

Tiger Eye Radha Krishna Idol ,In general, Our home and office are the places where most of our guests and clients visit. If we place Tiger Eye Radha Krishna Idol at these places, it can attract good vibes in your home and office.

As per Hindu scriptures, Radha is considered the complete incarnation of Mahalakshmi. It is believed that Lord Krishna captivates the world, but Radha captivates even him.

Hence, she is the supreme goddess of all and together they are called Radha-Krishna.Tiger Eye Radha Krishna Idol,

Tiger Eye Radha Krishna Idol  is a Stone of strength, courage, will and special power.

  • It is very shiny and is also called Stone of good luck stone.
  • Tiger Eye Beads Prayer Mala is worn to help encourage energy flow through the body and boost strength.
  • Tiger Eye Radha Krishna Idol,It also supports us to cope with worrying situation.
  • It also aids in digestion and complete health.
  • The liquid association of light across the useful stone makes it an outstanding tool for vision or divination work.

Above all, Tiger Eye Radha Krishna Idol is a stone of practicality and balance, remarkable for soothing tensions in relationships and promoting harmony among those with conflicting viewpoint

Tiger Eye Radha Krishna Idol Statue can bring loads of optimistic vibes and prosperity to our homes.

  • These statues are a perfect example of marvellous art.
  • They will bring a lot of happiness to your homes.
  • To make one’s life easier and happier Krishna bestow his blessings upon the devotees with grace.
  • It brings harmony, marital bliss and stability at home.

It helps in attaining peace of mind and happiness in a relationship.Devotees are blessed with long-lasting married life.

This Handmade Hindu God Krishna and Radha Sculpture is fully artisan crafted in India, making it a truly authentic figurine. This Handmade Hindu God Krishna and Radha Sculpture is designed in brass using sand casting technique.

Place this calm art piece in your living room for an effervescence beauty or gift it to your loved ones before he/she enters a new phase in life.

It represents the power of the Supreme Being who removes obstacles and ensures success in human endeavors. Complete the decor of your home in the utmost of style or add some Indian flair to your living room decor.Tiger eye is also called asprotecting stones. The watchful eye energy of the Tigers stone has long been used in numerous forms of jewellery and protecting home decoration.

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