Original Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol Mantrit (Energized) & Certified 270 Gram

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  • Lord Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol is excellent to keep off negative energies.
  • If you are scared of ghosts or evil forces, keep the Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol over the main door which is visible by all.
  • Presence of the Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol in the house removes the blocks to progress and the house becomes prosperous.


Product Origin : Brazil

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Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol 270 Gram @20

Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol,There are many devotees of Hanuman all the world over who worship this magnificent one in many forms. One of the much-revered forms is the powerful Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol. Five faces staring in different directions, often holding the spectator in awe. The Panchmukhi Hanuman or the Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol is believed to be one of his virat (gigantic) forms. Some even believe that there are two forms of Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol. majestic faces all belonging to Hanuman is one form while the second is the more popular one. Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol majestic faces, each belonging to different gods:

Lord Hanuman shows all these five qualities as being an ardent devotee of Lord Rama (one of the many avatars of Lord Vishnu). Significance of Panchmukhi Hanuman. Hanuman in his five-faced avatar depicts the significance of number five perfectly. How may think how, here they are-

  • • He is the son of the wind (pavan or vayu) one of the five elements
  • • He is the one who traversed one of the five elements- Water- crossed the ocean during Ramayana war.
  • • He had been through one of the five elements- Sky- flew over the sky to reach Lanka and save Laxmana.
  • • He met the daughter of one the Earth (one of the five elements)- Mata Sita
  • • Hanuman burnt down Lanka using fire (one of the five elements)

Importance & Benefits of Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol

In order to worship five-headed Hanumana, devotees use Hanuman idol. If you are installing Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol at home, with Hanuman Kavach you can offer your prayer to the Maruti Nandana. There are many benefits of placing five-faces Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol statue at home. It protects you from evil and bad forces, destroys fear and removes vastu doshas.

Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol Hanuman Stotra or Mantra

Panchmukhi stotra or stotram praises each of the five manifestations of Anjani Putra. Reciting this stotra eradicates evil or negative forces and protects you from troubles.

Now, you knew the significance and benefits of Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol. Bring home Tiger Eye Hanuman ji Idol, idol or statue to worship his five-faced avatar.

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