Mantrit (Energized) Radhe Krishna Divine Love Locket in Metal – Locket

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  • 1. Destroys greatest of sins (maha pataka samhantrim)
    2. Sri Hari is always with you (deha sada Harih)
    3. Million times benefit from punya karmas, pitr or devata puja (pitrnam devata krtam koti gunam)
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  Product Origin : India

Sri Radhe Krishna Divine Love Locket  This is beautiful Tulsi necklace with hand carved Sri Radha Krishna pendant.If one is a devote of Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu, one should wear Tulsi Neck beads. Tulsi neck beads are for protection. This is detailed hand carved pendent with picture of Radha and Krishna. Krishna is playing His flute and Radha is looking very beautiful.

Radha-Krishna ( rādhā-kṛṣṇa,: राधा कृष्ण) are collectively known within Hindusium as the combined forms of feminine as well as the masculine realities of God.

Radha and Krishna are the primeval forms of God and His pleasure potency respectively in the Goudiya vaisnaya school of thought.

In some schools of Vaishnavism, Krishna is referred to as Shayam Bhagwan, and Radha is illustrated as the primeval potency of the three main potencies of God, Hladini (immense spiritual bliss), Sandhini (eternality) and Samvit (existential consciousness) of which Radha is an embodiment of the feeling of love towards the almighty Lord, Krishna (Hladini).

With Krishna, Radha is acknowledged as the Supreme Goddess, for it is said that Krishna or God is only satiated by devotional service in loving servitude and Radha is the personification of devotional service to the supreme.

  • She is also considered in Vaishnavism as the total feminine energy and also as the Supreme Lakshmi (Adi-Lakshmi).
  • Various devotees worship her with the understanding of her merciful nature as the only way to attain Krishna.
  • Radha is also depicted to be Krishna himself, split into two, for the purpose of His enjoyment.
  • It is believed that Krishna enchants the world, but Radha “enchants even Him. Therefore She is the supreme goddess of all. RadhaKrishn”

While there are much earlier references to the worship of this form of God it is since Jayadeva Goswami wrote a famous poem Gita Govinda in the twelfth century of the Common Era that the topic of the spiritual love between the divine Krishna and his devotee Radhe became a theme celebrated throughout India. It is also believed that Radha is not just one cowherd maiden, but is the origin of all the Gopis, or divine personalities that participate in the Rasa Dance.

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