Mantrit (Energized) Shri Mahadev Locket in Metal & Genuine Locket

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  • Balance of Energies in Body, Good Health & Immunity.
  • Helps in maintaining Focus. Must wear for Good health.
  • Ideal for Students with lack of Focus as well as Adults with Health Issues.
  • Helps in getting sudden Gains.
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  Product Origin : India

     Mahadev Locket

Deeply sacred pair of earrings with two powerful Hindu symbols – genuine Rudraksha mala beads and Trishul of Lord Shiva. In Kundalini yoga Trishul symbolizing three main energy channels, which allow kundalini energy to travel through the chakras. Rudraksha in Sanskrit meens “eye of Shiva” or “tears of Shiva”. Rudra is one of the names of the Indian Lord Shiva.
*** TRISHUL (or Trishula) means “three-headed spear” i.e. “trident” in Sanskrit. In a general sense, the Trishula represents the Hindu God Shiva in his three aspects of Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer. It also represent the three shaktis (powers): will, action, and wisdom, and the three main nadis (energy channels) ida, pingala, and shushumna, which allow kundalini energy to travel through the chakras.
*** RUDRAKSHA in Sanskrit meens “eye of Shiva” or “tears of Shiva”. Rudra is one of the names of the Indian Lord Shiva.

RUDRAKSHA – Legend says that Shiva awoke after a thousand years of meditation and began to shed tears of compassion. These tears crystallized into seeds giving rise to the first Rudraksha tree. These seeds are believed to decrease stress and support meditation and spiritual healing.

Complete the overall look of your outfit with this classic Rudraksha jewellery . The product you will receive is similar to the picture.

Each bracelet is a handmade item. We create all of our jewelry pieces with love and care specially for you!

Attractive, stylish yet keeps you rooted with your spiritual side. Acts as a protector from negative energies and shield to the evil eye

Rudraksha seeds are powered with electro-magnetic energy that reverbate with the highest vibrations of Mahadeva Siva himself .

Usage : Suitable for all Occasions and Daily Uses.

According to Hindu Old Scriptuers it is beleved that 5 Mukhi Rudraksha with Trishul & Damru Mala holds three fold powers of Lord Shiva.

  • It has a Trishul, a Damaroo and a Rudraksha (All favourite to Lord Shiva) Lord Shiva uses Trishul when HE gets angry, to destroy the evils from the earth.
  • He plays Damaroo (a musical instrument) when He is happy which fills the surroundings with positive energy.
  • Rudraksha is said to be an eye or tear of the lord, which signifies health and equilibrium of mind.
  • This auspicious Kavach is made of combination of eight metals.
  • Hence, it shall retain its shine and never tarnish.
  • One who wears this Shiv Shakti Kavach is blessed by the lord himself.
  • All the worries and tension of the wearer come to an end.
  • It destroys the effects of evil eye and family discord.
  • It enhances the temperament of the wearer which leads towards a healthy and prosperous life.
  • The native gets success in all areas of life – health, wealth, profession, family and children.
  • The threefold energy of the Kavach blesses the native with great sense and intuitive powers.
  • Most Reliable and Genuine Rudraksha Beads: We at Rudraksham are pleased to announce that we receive Rudraksha from our own trees at Nepal.
  • There is no supplier or mediator involved between Rudraksha and us.

The result; you get genuine Rudraksha.We pluck Rudraksha on auspicious time period only and when the Rudraksha beads are fully ripe on trees so these beads are more powerful as well as of High quality.

In a short time, you can see the difference between a truly energized bead and one that has had an elementary blessing or none at all.

OUR Rudraksha are as described in Shastra with the POWER to change your life.There are many sellers of Rudraksha today but sadly they do not know the hidden and most powerful methods to unlock the true potential of Rudraksha. Do not be fooled by the rest. Place your faith in the best and you shall see the Divine Blessings come to full fruit in your life.

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