Mantrit (Energized) Panchmukhi (5 Mukhi) Blowing Shankh

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  •  Gaumukhi Shankh has utmost significance in Hindu religion.
  •  Gaumukhi Shankh is scientifically proven useful product to regulate our blood circulation. 
  • Gaumukhi Shankh brings harmony and happiness.


Product Origin : India

Panchmukhi Blowing Shankh

PanchMukhi Shankh Is also called as Cow Conch. Cow is considered very sacred in Hindu Religion and so is also named as Gomukhi Shankh. Keeping Gaumukhi shankh in Puja place/ temple gives all the (Punya/ blessings) benefits of keeping a cow. Gaumukhi Shankh helps in bringing harmony, peace and bliss. Religious SignificanceTo start any religious ceremonies, a Gomukhi conch shell (shankha) is blown. Even the Lord Vishnu, is shown with a Conch shell in one hand and a chakra or a disc in the other.


Gaumukhi Shankh benefits:-

• Gaumukhi Shankh has utmost significance in Hindu religion.

• Gaumukhi Shankh imparts sound which destroys all negative energy

The special geometry of Gaumukhi Conch creates a positive energy and excludes pious vibes.

• Gaumukhi Shankh also purifies our surroundings and soul.

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