Natural Hakik (Agate) Stone Lab Certified & Mantrit (Energized) 6 Carat

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  • Brings favorable luck and it also eliminates bad luck of the person.
  • ·Helps in assimilation and improves digestion .
  • ·Boosts sexual forces .
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Product Origin : Iran

Natural Hakik (Agate) @650 carat 6

Natural hakik (Agate) is viewed as Hakik’s (psychic) stone. By wearing it, the individual is loaded up with positive vitality and it always considered to be true. It is likewise utilized in Fengshui Vaastu and it is regularly observed with laughing Buddha and other fengshui based things. Hakik or agate is a semi-valuable hazy gemstone which is utilized as a mending stone. It is utilized in Astrology as a psychic stone. The wearer of this stone is accused of positive vitality and fulfillment. The word ‘Agate’ is gotten from the Greek stream Achates which streams in Sicily. Greek logicians found it three centuries back. In old occasions, it was known as the warrior’s stone and was likewise utilized in Egyptian charms. Hakik is available in different colors, for example, red, dark, dim, smooth, blue, pink, green and darker. The nature of the hakik is controlled by its weight,size and shading. A brilliant hued or multi-shaded Sulemani shows high caliber. This stone renders the wearer inward quietude and quality, which is helpful in battling pressure. It helps in keeping in touch with divine powers. Black hakik maala is worn by numerous of people and is accepted to be one of the most dominant assurance stone. It can clear the root chakra as it is intently connected with the tailbone which is the root chakra. It likewise evacuates fears and uneasiness and manages wild feelings. It is regularly worn by individuals remain shielded from dull plots created by adversaries or sick wishers. It invalidates the impact of such awful reviles and drives the wearer on the way of joy

Natural Hakik –  Stone:
Hakik also known as agate has different colors and variations as red liver

Hakik , green Hakik, black Hakik , sulemani Hakik (sleepless) and nightmares, improve bravery, good for evil eye. Hakik helps metabolism issues aswell. One of the main benefits of Hakik is improving sexual power. Carrier of Hakik can fight with stress more easy. Hakik stone also improve your mental power. Can be used by pregnant women or newborn babies to help their health. It heals muscle, joint and rheumatic pains.

Natural Hakik Mala is believed to be the most powerful protection stone mala. Agate or Hakik is a semi-precious opaque gemstone. It is found in various colours. Agate can be used in place of the precious stones with equally effective results. It is found in many colours Hakik Rosary is associated with the base (first, root) chakra. For removing the bad planetary effects, a person can also wear the Agate mala of the colour which belongs to the planet. In some crystal literature Black Hakik Mala is strongly associated to Planet Saturn, and it is said that this Mala works most positively for those with a strong Saturn in their birth charts.

Hakik or Akik Rosary is also used for improving concentration, devotion and ending marital disputes. It has the ability to soothe fears and worries and control overwhelming emotions. Hakik mala is also recommended for calming sexual tension and ending marital disputes. It also helps to remove nightmares and losses in legal matters.

Gemstones are precious stones that stimulate the flow of energy or chi of your body. One such gemstone is Sulemani Hakik.

Hakik or agate is a semi-precious opaque gemstone which is used as a healing stone. It is used in Astrology as a fortune-teller stone. The wearer of this stone is charged with positive energy and satisfaction.

The word ‘Agate’ is derived from the Greek river Achates which flows in Sicily. Greek philosophers discovered it three centuries ago. In ancient times, it was known as the soldier’s stone and was also used in Egyptian talismans.

Hakik is available in various colours such as red, black, milky, grey, blue, pink, green and brown. The quality of the hakik is determined by its size, weight and colour. A bright coloured or multi-coloured Sulemani indicates high quality.

Benefits & Healing Effects

  • Protects the wearer from evil eye and black magic
  • Its presence
  • It adds a positive aura to the atmosphere and balances the yin and yang, that is, the positive and negative energy.
  • Just by keeping it around or wearing, self-confidence is boosted.
  • Creates a body equilibrium which is specifically beneficial for aged people.
  • Brings good fortune and eliminates bad luck
  • The malefic effect of Plant Saturn is reduced. Wearing the colour associated with a planet effaces the bad planetary effects.
  • Induces sleep and battles sleeplessness and nightmares
  • Helps in digestion and improves metabolism
  • It heals muscle, joint and lymphatic pains.
  • Boosts sexual powers
  • Calms sexual tension and pulls a rein on marital disputes.
  • It clears the root chakra, which is present at the bottom of the spine.
  • The warm energy exuded by hakik helps in pregnancy and brea
  • sulemani hakik  can be worn as a ring. Replacing precious gemstones with Hakik will give effective results.
  • Maala/ rosary is another way to carry this stone. Hakik Maala is used for improving willpower and concentration. It also soothes fears and is considered very powerful.
  • It can be worn as a bracelet or in orb jewellery.
  • You can also use the stone as a pendant. Slide it down a chain and let it hang freely on your neck, exuding positive energy all throughout your body.
  • Hakik Mala/ Rosaries benefits:Saves wearer from Black Magic, Evil Eye and Tantra attacks.
    Pacifies the malefic effects of Planet Saturn or strengthens this planet in one’s Horoscope.
    Increases spiritual inspirations and overcomes negative emotions.
    Brings the Great Spirit into one’s life.
    Yellow Hakik Mala under your pillow at night to relieve sleeplessness and bring good dreams.
    Attracts good fortune.
    Attracts good fortune by eliminating bad luck.
    Increases concentration and promotes good will.
    Aids to overcome flaws, fears, and loneliness.
    Gives a sense of strength and courage.
    Black agate is used for Safety, Bravery, and Success
    It is a powerful healer. Especially beneficial for allergies.
    Black agate also encourages fertility, and protects new life.
    Yellow Agate Rosary gives courage, strengthens heart, and harmonizes heart, solar and throat plexus.
    White Agate Malas promote willpower, self-realization, and spirituality.
    Bestows inner peace, balances your aura, calms anxiety, and reduces mental stress.
    Green agate is famous for its healing effects.
    Green Hakik Mala is also popular as a peaceful stone mala as it can also be used to help calm nervous minds and control negative thoughts and bad energies.
  • Benefits of Natural Hakik (Agate)

    • It prevents black magic and the evil eye.
    • It is a good protective amulet when one is facing bad times.
    • It increases attraction and confidence in the wearer.
    • This stone gives protection from hidden enemies.
    • Saturn, the North and South nodes start giving positive results to the wearer of this stone.

    How to Wear Natural Hakik (Agate)?

    This Sulemani Hakik (Agate) stone is to be worn in a silver ring in the middle finger on a Saturday.

    One can also wear it in a locket. Any person can wear it.

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