Mantrit (Energized) Fire Opal Stone Certified & 7.25 Carats with Origin tested

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  •  Creative potential, more luxury and personal refinement.
  • Venus also signifies the health and well-being of the wife, and women in general.
  • Also beneficial for companionship & delay in marriage.
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Product origin: Australia

Natural Fire Opal Origin tested @3000 Carat 7.25

Australian Opal is associated with planet ‘Venus’. Diamond is also stone for ‘Venus’. But it is not practical to wear a 5-6 carat diamond due to its high price. Black spots are very common in Diamonds and the Diamonds without black spots command exorbitant price. Opal is an alternate stone for Diamond. Please note that it is NOT a substitute but an alternate to Diamond. It gives better Astrological results than Diamond itself. Venus is a planet for Fame, Wealth, Relationships and comfort in Life. It is also significator for Love, Marriage and Children. Enhancing Venus can put an end to delay in Marriage and Children. Venus also ignites flame of Romance with partner. Strong Venus bestows attractive personality and comfortable life. Wearing Opal gives excellent benefits in the cases of Delayed marriage, Delayed Children, Love affair, intimacy with the partner and Sexual health issues. People suffering from lack of interest in partner should wear it to bring back the lost love in their relationship. Wearing Opal is helpful in case of infertility. Opal is a stone for Fame. People involved in the profession related to Public relationship should wear Opal. It is very effective stone for people in the Field of Business, Acting, Politics, Art and Sales. Opal is birthstone for Month of October.

Australian Opal stone is a very attractive Gemstone. Opal has suddenly become very popular and desirable due to its beauty and ‘play of color’ (Fire) effect. Opal is Birthstone of October month. Opal along with Diamond is very effective astrological gemstone for Venus (Shukra) Planet.

The opal is a passionate stone, associated with desire, lust and seduction, freeing inhibitions and inspiring love. To that end it is a gemstone to help entice an ideal partner, improve your attraction and further a relationship.

Color is an important factor in the spiritual power of a gemstone and as Opals come in every color of the rainbow we know that they have a wide ranging effect on your spiritual and physical well-being.

Chakras are the energy centers in your body also referred to as Qi or Prana. There are seven Chakras throughout the body each influencing a particular physical, emotional or mental state and each has an associated color. The seven chakras are as follows, Crown linked with the color purple, Third Eye (indigo), Throat (blue), Heart (green), Solar Plexus (yellow), Sacred (orange) and Root (red).

The color which is most dominant in your opal gemstone will determine which chakra it will have most influence on.

As with its influence on chakras being linked to color so it is with its other spiritual powers, Fire Opals for example awaken passions, get the creative juices flowing, facilitate change, encourage progress and help those who want to leave their mark on the world. Milk or common opals are more calming, soothing and clearing the mind and help in creating a peaceful atmosphere for children and mothers to be.

So we can see each type of the myriad varieties of opal will have different affects. As an overall spiritual stone the opal will bring your emotions to the surface, it promotes self belief and will help you attain your full potential. It stimulates originality and inventiveness and encourages an interest in the arts.

  • Purpose:
    To improve love relations between couples, enhance beauty and attain creativity and luxury
  • How to Wear:
    In gold or silver ring or pendants on the right hand’s middle or ring finger
  • Symbolizes:
    Beauty, Acting, Modeling, Fine Arts, Marriage, Love

What is Australian Opal Gemstone Benefits 

Opal is the astrological gemstone of Venus – Shukra planet.  Venus symbolizes the desires of human being. Opal is worn for marital bliss, Love, Relationship, Companionship, fertility & sexual compatibility.

Australian Opal is worn for which planet?

Opal is associated with Venus (Shukra) Planet as per Indian Vedic astrology. SHUKRA symbolizes the comforts and luxuries of the life. A benefic Venus in the horoscope may bless the native with all the luxuries, comforts, glamour, romance, wealth, beauty, happiness, joy, delights, high class vehicles, art, sex, attractions, jewelry, entertainment, pleasure, joys, passion and merriments.

Who should wear Australian  Opal gemstone?

A person born with zodiac signs Taurus & Libra should wear a Opal. It’s highly recommended to someone, who has Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus (Shukra) in the horoscope. Opal is very beneficial for people suffering from infertility, sexual disorders, Libido, and impotency.

Australian Opal Stone benefits

  • It brings originality and increases energy. It helps in expressing one’s true self.
  • Opal is a stone of Venus planet, which is the ruler of Luxury and Relationships in Vedic Astrology. Therefore, wearing Opal stone brings concord and happiness in a relationship and also helps in achieving a more, fulfilling life full of charm, grace, art, luxury, and culture.
  • Opal helps in gaining superior position in Society. Thereby attracting Name, Fame and Money.
  • People who related to an artistic profession like painting, music, theatre and dancing etc. Can get numerous benefits of Opal gemstone.
  • Medically, Opal stone benefits the Endocrine System and keeps the balance of hormonal secretion.
  • Opal is believed to improve the bodily functions, especially, effective in curing Urinary disorders and kidney problems.
  • Opal is a gemstone of love, romantic relationship. Opal stone also helps to get worldly comforts of life. Opal can resolve many problems associated with various part of life.
  • What is Procedure to wear Opal Stone??

    Opal is worn in index finger on Friday. Ring should be made of Silver or other white metal alloys.

    Australian  Opal stone is worn in which finger?

    Opal is worn in index finger on Friday. Ring should be made of Silver or other white metal alloys.

    Is opal good astrological substitute for Diamond?

    Yes, opal is a very good substitute for Diamond. You can wear opal in place of diamond. Opal gives as good results as diamond. Opal stone of 4 carat and above is ideal for astrological benefits.

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