Lab-Certified Ganesh Ji Idol – Gold Stone & Mantrit (Energized) 63 Gram

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  • One of the major reasons is that these idols are said to radiate the energy of peace and calmness around you.
  • Apart from having religious significance,Loughing Ganesh ji Idol  Gold Stone idols also act as a great object for decoration and beautify the surroundings.
  • You can place it at your home or workplace.



Gold Stone Ganesh ji Murti 63 gram @12

Gold STONE Ganesh ji  idol have been one of the most popular iconographic representations of the Ganesh ji  and his characteristics. A round, youthful, charming and sweet looking face is a typical characteristic of the  of  Ganesh ji  idol but there are more to them than what meets the eye. Regarded as one of the most important parts of the body of the Ganesh ji, Ganesh ji idol are crafted so as to represent the vast wealth of knowledge he possesses being the awakened one. Ganesh ji idol  Gold Stone is carved to represent the Ganesh ji Idol wisdom along with the serene smile of the face symbolizing the Ganesh ji IDOL  peaceful and calm nature. Few of the most conspicuous features are the ushnisha, a large cranial bump on the head which represents the knowledge and wisdom the Ganesh ji Idol attained after being enlightened, the urna, a small hairy bump between the eyes of the Ganesh ji Idol  which symbolizes the all seeing supernatural vision that the Ganesh JI iDOL  has, the long ears signify the wealth he had during his life as a prince and the curly hair of the Buddha represent the nobility he possesses. The ushnisha sometimes takes the form of a flame which indicates illumination. The facial expression of a Ganesh JI iDOL  is mostly serene with the half closed eyes which means he is closed in meditation with a gentle smile on the lips.If someone offers a small flower or some rice to a Ganesh ji Idol   Gold Stone statue, a stupa or scripture, then the benefit extends from that time up to enlightenment.

Amazing, amazing. It is said in the Sutra of Piled Flowers that on top of that benefit you achieve ultimate happiness—liberation from the causes of delusion and karma—and on top of that full enlightenment, all the realizations and the omniscient mind.

  • After this, then you can liberate numberless hell beings, pretas, animals, humans, suras and asuras from the ocean of samsaric sufferings and bring them to full enlightenment.
  • When all beings are brought to enlightenment, only then are all the results of the offering achieved.So by offering gold, then wow, wow, wow.
  • Can you imagine the result! From only a tiny offering of a flower or rice, so much benefit is received due to that statue. So really, holy objects are wish-fulfilling gems, unbelievably precious.I have another story. In ancient times in India, there were four fully ordained monks.
  • They were fully ordained but not aryas with the direct realization of emptiness.
  • One person offered food to these monks and was later reborn as King Kashika.
  • But now you are offering gold, so can you imagine the result. Wow, wow, wow, wow.

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